Aviator Pin Up

Aviator is an exciting gambling entertainment, which gives participants a completely new impression of the gameplay. When you watch the movement of the plane, you will see that the bet increases many times. It remains only to choose the right moment and cash out the bet. The alarm is completely inpereadable. It is no coincidence that the game coincides with the Indian players. In addition, the percentage of Return is 97%. This means the participant. Playing for a long time, on average, returns 97% of the funds spent on the game.

Features of aviator game in India

The rules in Aviator game differ from the classic video player. At first glance, they look somewhat unusual. But to understand them is simple enough. The game is stylized to observe the flight of the plane getting altitude. The user’s task is to capture the moment with maximum quotations until the flying apparatus falls.

The basis of the Aviator game is Provably Fair technology. The Aviator meets the accepted international standards for Game Software. The results that the user observes on the screen are generated by HCG. Thus, the outcome of the round is influenced by the success of the player and the speed of his reaction. The game Aviator does not belong to the category of progressive machines. You do not need to bet big to win a good jackpot. The speed is a random quantity, and its value increases at the end of the round. An interesting feature of the simulator is that the behavior of the aircraft is completely unpredictable. Even players with significant experience cannot predict it. At the same time, everyone has the opportunity to win.

Main features of the game Aviator:

  • dispersion level-low;
  • return indicator-97%;
  • the volatility of the game is high.

Aviator can equally interest both beginners and experienced visitors of gaming sites. Low volatility (dispersion) indicates that winnings fall quite often. As with ordinary game machines, you do not need to spend time on the activation of a certain number of lines of payments.

Test the game Aviator, explore all the features of the gameplay is possible in the demo version. The free gameplay mode is fully maintained, the paid version has all the mechanics of acting. The only difference from the game with real bets is that it is impossible to withdraw winnings. By playing for free, you can understand what are the maximum coefficients that can be collected during the flight. The game can be launched from the PC browser or mobile device at the request of the user.

Aviator: advantages of slot

Among the advantages that distinguish The Aviator game from other videotapes, the following can be noted:

  • ability to communicate with other users. It allows you to track statistics and share your experience.
  • Journal with earnings statistics allows you to develop your own unique strategy;
  • ability to record your own statistics for different periods of time, including the most profitable rates;
  • simple rules that can be understood literally in a few seconds;
  • frequent (albeit small) winnings. It is completely optional to spend all bankrolls on bets. In addition,
  • some experts recommend playing games at small rates;
  • there are a lot of positive reviews. There are few beginners in India;
  • availability of automated betting setup mode;
  • large return coefficient;
  • interesting design, concise control panel with a minimum of buttons.

Most of the users who experience the game claim that the gameplay is very fun, it literally captures from the first seconds. It is impossible to get away from the game. It requires reaction speed, attentiveness, patience. To win, it is important to press the button in time. Regular exercises will not be superfluous.

How to save a successful game for money?

Before you start the game with real money betting, players should find a reliable casino site that uses a good reputation. Before starting the game, it is important to make sure that the supported payment systems are reliable and available. The support service should also be in free access, since questions may arise in the early stages. An additional plus-the availability of bonus offers associated with this simulator.

Additional action algorithm:

  • register on the casino’s Pin Up website. Account registration will not take more than a few minutes;
  • deposit by convenient method;
  • find and open the game Aviator. If you did not find it in the main menu of the game portal, you can use the search line;
  • test several rounds in the free version, practice several strategies, track down statistics multipliers. It is advisable to start the game for money when you are fully confident in their capabilities;
  • determine the bet amount;
  • Experienced users are advised not to exceed 1% of the amount of bankroll. Further dynamics of rates depends on the chosen system and the result of the game;
  • choose a strategy to make 1-2 interest rates. 5 [d] adrift among the dead, If the round has not started, you can cancel the bet by pressing the Cancel button. After the start of the round, the “Cancel” button is replaced with “cashing”.;
  • use the “cashing” button to withdraw your winnings. As an option, you can play in automatic mode with the specified speed limit.

Winnings are defined as the stake. Do not forget that the aircraft can “fly” any second, and with it your money will disappear. The main task is to solve what is best: a small win or a large sum, but a significant risk. The game eliminates the human factor in automatic mode and sometimes gives good results. This is because the player often surrenders his nerves and, losing money, stops the game in low coefficients.

Playing Aviator, desirable to comply with the basic rules regarding any gambling games:

do not sit behind a monitor in a state of intoxication, alcohol or drugs;
determine the amount that you can lose without harming the family budget. One hundred percent effectively have to accept that the game does not exist. You can not exceed the amount set for yourself;
control emotions and avoid betting;
I can get out of the game on time.

Game strategies Aviator

When the system is selected and used correctly, the probability of success increases many times. One of the features of the game is the ability to make pro 2 bets for each round and cash them out at different times. One of the systems is built on this feature. Many novice players ask: Is it possible to use strategies in the aviator game with built-in RF? Indeed, coincidence exists here, but the use of special methods has its positive sides:

the strategy is disciplined. The system does not allow you to combine all deposits into bets. At the same time, do not think that any methodology will allow you to turn the slot into a permanent earnings article. The formula of luck is more complicated. This is not only the way to follow the system, but also the kindness of Fortuna;
possibility to cash out winnings at any time.

Any strategy used in the game for money should be checked. It is desirable to test it on demo.

Let’s consider the different types of systems.

IBS strategy

This system is one of the most difficult. At the same time, it is considered profitable.

See how much the handheld back ratio was x15 and more;
Calculate 30 minutes of this round;
2 place bets. Connect one X5, the other x15 and more.
The first rate helps to keep the balance at a certain level, while the second rate provides an opportunity to make big profits.

Game double

The essence of this strategy is that in case of defeat the BET should be doubled and the game should continue. It is necessary to close the rates at the coefficient x2. This allows you not only to overlap the Lost amount, but also to subtract plus.

Strategy of small speeds

This system can still be called” a tit in hand”. As is known, it is better to use a crane in the sky. It is not necessary to hope for an amazing victory, but the system is safe enough. Winnings are cashed at odds of 1,2-1,3. The probability of losing is minimal, but the game balance increases slowly but surely. The lack of strategy is that there will not be a rapid increase in the Bankroll. For thrill lovers this system will also hardly fit. In addition, there is a possibility of losing. It is not easy to replenish the lost money at low rates.

Strategy of mid-strokes

To cash out a bet, it is necessary to wait for the odds of x2-x3. Compared with the previous version, the risk rate is high. Need a bigger deposit. According to statistics, winnings from two to three multiplications fall by about 40 per cent. According to statistics, if big hits do not last long, you can take the risk by cashing out a bet with a higher odds. This will allow the Bankroll to increase significantly.

Martingale strategy in Aviator game

One of the most popular systems. After each draw, the bet is doubled. Implementation of the strategy requires a large bankroll. Should you play, small stakes. Otherwise, there is a risk to drain the deposit quickly. A double bet allows you to lose. After a successful round, you must return to your original bet size.